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6 Albion Street.pdf
Built by
Nathaniel Rideout
c. 1850

4 Phelps Street House History.pdf
Kate E. Furey
Built c. 1914

Ratliff - 17 Carlton Street.pdf
Built for
Margaret Ellison Bray
c. 1809
Remodeled in 1831

13 Warren.pdf
Nathaniel Saltonstall
and his wife
Caroline Saunders
Built 1836

7 Burnside Street House History Final.pdf
Charles P. Chase, butcher
Built in 1871

7 Chandler St.pdf
Built for
Christopher McGrane

13 Carlton Street.pdf
Built c. 1804
by Samuel Burrill Graves, mariner

5 Pleasant Street, Salem MA.pdf
Built for Albert Pierce
Salem Postmaster and Massachusetts Senate 1935-36
and his wife Nellie Pierce
c. 1924

3 Eaton Place House History.pdf
Originally built for Dr. John D. Treadwell c. 1809
Moved to this place by John D. Eaton
Stove and tinware dealer
c. 1883

14 Winter Street.pdf
Built by,
Thomas Browne, housewright
in 1781

74 Washington Square E.pdf
Built for
Clifford Crownshield
Samuel McIntire

8 1-2 Daniels Street House History.pdf
Built c. 1915
For Joseph Kowalski, farmer
and his wife, Julianna

27 Essex Street - Alyssa Conary (1).pdf
Built for
Geogre E. Berry,
c. 1860

12 Pearl Street history.pdf
John A. Hay,
and his wife,
Caroline A. Ford
Built c. 1857

22-24 Pleasant Street House History.pdf
Built for
Benjamin Webb
Yeoman and Innholder
c. 1801-1807

House History for 14 Bentley Street August 2020.pdf
Built for
Frank Zebrowski
Morocco dresser
and his wife,
Annie Zebrowski
c. 1916

Full House History for 19 Becket Street, Salem MA - 7_21_2020.pdf
Built for
Thomas Ruee
and his wife
Susanna Becket

169 Federal St write-up FINAL (1).pdf
John Huse House
Built c. 1842
for John Huse, currier
and Lydia Dale Huse, wife

43 Osgood Street House History.pdf
Margaret (Mahoney) Kenneally, wife of John M. Kenneally, postal clerk
Built in 1896

148 North Narrative.pdf
Built for or by
Thomas P. Honeycomb
and his wife
Mary P. Haskell
c. 1850

11 Curtis Street.pdf
Built by 1874
Home of
Capt. William H. Clough
and his wife
Elizabeth S. Clough

38 Putnam Street .pdf
Built in 1859
by Frazier C. Foote, tanner and teamster, and Mary Foote, his wife

388-390 essex st.pdf
Built for
James P. Hale, lawyer
& James F. Hale, grocer
c. 1897

8 Andrew str.pdf
Built for
Captain Samuel Masury
circa 1804

9-11 Forest Avenue.pdf
Mary L. Walker
and her husband
Calvin F. Gibbs
Built in 1912

22 Hancock.pdf
Louis Alfred Ouellette
Streetcar Foreman
and his wife
Marie M Boucher
Built in 1910

55 Buffum Street House History.pdf
Curtis E. Wadleigh
Tinware Manufacturer
Built circa 1872

85 Derby St .pdf
Built for
Richard Palfrey
May 1789

45 Daniels Street History.pdf
Home of
Alice Kenneally
Patrick T. Kenneally
Blind Peanut Vendor
at Salem Willows
Built ca. 1800
Moved in 1911

12 Winter Street.pdf
Built for
Thomas Hovey
c. 1785

6 Webb st.pdf
This is not a report by Historic Salem, Inc.
But information contributed concerning
the house at 6 Webb St.

89 Federal St.pdf
Built for
William Duncan, merchant
in 1833

49 turner st..pdf
Built for
Jonathan Whipple, copal maker
in 1843

23 Grove St.pdf
Built for,
Philip Riley, trader
by 1868

14 Pickman St.pdf
Built for
Robert Cook Jr. Salem painter
c. 1808

11 Northey St.pdf
Built by,
Miles Searle, housewright
in 1808

7 Becket Street House History Final.pdf
Andrew Ward, ship carpenter
and Christopher Babbidge, mariner
Built in 1799
Rear house was built between 1903 and 1906

5 Lee Street.pdf
Built by
Minnie and Amherst Durkee
Music Store Proprietors
c. 1925
Occupied by Willard Brown Porter, 1926-1940
City Editor, The Salem News

11 Saunders Street.pdf
Built c. 1840, moved to this site in 1882
for Capt. Joseph Upton, master mariner, and Mary J. Upton

34 Linden Street.pdf
Frank A. Langmaid
Lumber Dealer
J.P. Langmaid & Sons
Built 1887

28 Briggs PDF.pdf
Charles H. Millett
and his wife
Mary J. Hart
Built 1904

22 Southwick Street.pdf
John J. Stanwood
Cigar Maker and Tobacconist,
and Emily G. Stanwood
Built circa 1851

10 Becket Street .pdf
Built by
Jonathan Brown
c. 1815

155 Federal Street Chain of Title.pdf
Built for Aaron and Josiah Hayward, Bricklayers

8 Upham Street House History .pdf
Built c. 1760
Moved to this spot by John H. Nichols, trader, in 1840

111 Mason Street.pdf
John Redmond
And his wife
Joanna Redmond
Built circa 1874

23 Buffum Street House History.pdf
Aaron A. Kehew
And his wife
Anna M. Buffum
and her sister Lucy E. Buffum
Built circa 1866

41 Flint Street House History.pdf
Rufus B. Gifford
Master Builder
Built circa 1869

6 Cromwell Street.pdf
George B. Phippen
Railroad Treasurer,
Boston Built 1900

Built by and for
James J. Welch
and his wife, Catherine
c. 1869

34 Broad Street Tier 1.pdf
Built for Humphrey Haley,
and Bridget Haley

81 Derby Street.pdf
The McNulty Family
Built c. 1893

10 Hathorne St.docx.pdf
Built for
Benjamin W. Sluman
Clerk and Treasurer, Salem Gas Light Co.
Built 1886

3 Woodside St..pdf
Built for
Mary J. Converse
George A. Converse
Eastern Railroad

23 Beach Avenue.pdf
Built for
Susan S. Noble
Wife of Edward H. Noble
c. 1885

1 Emerton Street.pdf
Built 1891
by Charles B. Balcomb, carpenter, and William E. Bates, mason

5 Gardner St.pdf
Frank Charbonneau
Overseer of the Naumkeag Steam Cotton Co.
Built c. 1917
Originally built for Charles H. Jelly c. 1895
Destroyed in the Great Salem Fire of 1914

4 Bentley Street.pdf
Built or moved here for
Ebenezer Slocum Jr.
Before 1846

6 Daniels Street.pdf
Built c. 1784
for John Berry, mariner
and Abigail Berry, spinster

16 Summer Street.pdf
Harrison O. Flint
Shoe Dealer
and his wife
Mary A. Leighton
Built c. 1867

37 Clark Street.pdf
Mattie Simard
Harry Rodetes
Housewife and Shoeworker
Built in 1947

68 Derby Street (1).pdf
Jay Levy
and Neal Levy
Built 2012

22 Lathrop Street.pdf
Built for
Perry Collier
Real Estate Broker

27 Liberty Hill Ave.pdf
Abbie Stowers
and her husband,
John B. Wallace, Blacksmith
Built in 1897

7 Curtis Street House History.pdf
Horatio B. Perry
and his wife
Sarah Ashton
Built c. 1856

70 Webb Street House History FINAL.pdf
Built for
Edward O. Sinclair
Webb Street Neighborhood Grocery

25 Briggs Street House History.pdf
Built for
Richard Savory
Cooper and wife
Betsy Lewis

29 Broad Street House History.pdf
Built for
Ezekiel Savage,
Esquire And his children
Home of
Captain Oliver Thayer And
wife Rachel Bancroft
And remains in possession of their descendants
1839 to 2020

2.5 Essex Street House History.pdf
Built for
John Waters
Carpenter & Mariner
And wife
Mary Felt

7 Williams Street House History.pdf
Built for
Nathaniel Weston

118 North Street House History FINAL.pdf
Built for
Joseph Baldwin
& the Misses Baldwin
Harriet B. & Caroline Baldwin

13.5 Meadow Street House History.pdf
Built for
Charles R. Banks, machinist, and
Mary Mccusker, wife

16-18 Loring Avenue FINAL.pdf
Built for
Susan B. Moulton
Widow of Nelson H. Moulton
Lulu E. Moulton
Music Teacher
c. 1894

0 N Pine Packet.pdf
Documents provided are of research conduction on house; formal house history unavailable.

Built for
John & Sarah Saul
c. 1872
Extended to carriage house for
Ellen D. Looney, dressmaker,
and her husband, John, tanner
c. 1890

House History for 42 Warren Street Salem MA 2020.pdf
Built for
Mary J. Sheehan
After the great Salem fire

3 Hamilton Street Final.pdf
Documents provided are of research conduction on house; formal house history unavailable.

Built for
Sarah White Pickering and Mary Orne Pickering
by John Pickering the 9th
c. 1923

Moved to this site from 2 Pickering Street in 1962.

5 Phelps Street - Salem, Massachusetts.pdf
Built for
Winifred Burke
of Thomas Burke

Original home of Ellen & Thomas Thornton
destroyed in Great Salem Fire of 1914

192 Federal Street FINAL.pdf
Built for
James B. Stimpson
and his wife
Mary E. Horton
in 1856

12 Cliff Title Chain.pdf
Documents provided are of research conduction on house; formal house history unavailable.

Built for
Emma Newell
and her husband
Frank F. Newell
Leather Dealer
C. 1907
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