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18 Chestnut Street - Final.pdf
Built for
James B. Bott
c. 1800
Home of
Nathaniel Hawthorne

112 Bay View Avenue - Final.pdf
Built for
Fidelia & Matthew Robson
c. 1885

4 Cousins Street (Final).pdf
Built for
Joseph “Frank” & Mary Boynton
Clothier: Kent & Boynton; Cape Ann Clothing Co.
1894; rebuilt 1910

Built on the former estate of
Philip & Mary English (née Hollingsworth)
Maritime Merchant & Salem Selectman
Accused of Witchcraft,…

11 Daniels Street - Final.pdf
Built for
the Grafton family
before 1806

166-168 Bridge Street - Final Report.pdf
Built for
Ezra Woodbury
& his wife Mary Knight

17.5 River Street.pdf
Built for
Ann McMahon
of County Clare Ireland

4 Andrew Street.pdf
Built as a stable for
Isabella C. Miller
Converted to dwelling
after Great Salem Fire

7 Prescott Street.pdf
Built by
Giuseppe Giunta

14 Herbert Street Final.pdf
Built for
Antonina and John Boltrukiewicz
Machine Painter

47 Essex Street .pdf
Built for
J. Lovett Whipple
c. 1854

84 Federal Street with Deeds.pdf
Built for
Lois E. Mooney and Alvin J. Mooney,
Conductor of Boston & Maine Railroad

HSI-32 Forrester.pdf
Built for
Lizzie and Samuel Frank Masury

11 Pickman Street.pdf
Built by John S. Edwards, Housewright c. 1834

Built by Abiezer Washburn, Housewright 1804

Built around 1826 by Deacon John Stone, distiller

Built 1808 for Nathan Robinson, merchant, and wife Eunice Beckford

7 Ward.pdf
Built c. 1920 by Wladyslaw Matula, laborer

12 Prince.pdf
Built c. 1916 for Joseph Gagnon, assistant engineer for Salem Fire Department, and wife, Mary

Buildc. 1870 for John Perkins, High School Principal

Build 1882 for Perrier Collier, Real Estate Broker, Mayor of Beverly

Built 1846 for Benjamin Chamberlain, jeweler

Built in 1887 for Annie Bertram Webb. Home of Edward B. Trumbull, shipmaster.

Built by James Gould, housewright 1788

Built for Thomas F. Little, undertaker c. 1927-1929

Daniels 13.pdf
Built c. 1860 for John N. Frye, baker, for daughter, Matilda Frye and friend, Lucy Wright

Built by David N. Cook, carpenter c. 1870

Upham 29.pdf
Built in 1839 - Occupied by John W. Pepper, confectioner
& Pepper heirs

Built in 1905 by Boston & Maine Railroad as flagman’s shanty. Moved to this site in 1935. Reconfigured in ensuing years.

John Dunckley, blacksmith, c. 1802

Built in 1915 for Charles Blunt, plumber, and wife Elizabeth. Replaced home burned in Great Salem Fire of 1914. On original foundation from 1839 house built for Joseph Wallis, cabinet maker

Built c. 1843-1845 for James Trask, Postman

Built in 1787 for Robert Wallis, cabinet maker. Later was home of William Knight, Cordwainer, Joseph N. Smith, Cordwainer, Alice (Poor) Ross, widow, William Phelps Jr., joiner, and Michael Little, laborer.

Built as a barn for Captain Samuel West Jr., shipmaster and sadler, in 1753. Converted to residence in 1769. Moved 50' South when North Street was widened in 1949.

Built for James F. Burns, shoemaker, and wife Catherine E. Burns

Andover_2 A.pdf
Beckford-Whipple, 1739

Warren St._11.pdf
Documents provided are of research conducted on house; formal house history unavailable.

Northery St._30pdf.pdf
Built for Nathaniel Appleton, Jr. c. 1809

Crombie St._18.pdf
The William Pike House. Built for Samuel Ferguson, painter, by 1831

Daniels St._2.pdf
Built 1906 for Mrs. Elizabeth Stevenson (plaque has more wording than this)

Flint St._19.pdf
Built for Leonard Harrington, leather dealer, 1871

Central St._4-10 and Essex St._ 193-195.pdf
Built in 1805 for the Merchants B. Herbert Hathorne and W. Shepard Gray

Central St._4-10 and Essex St._ 193-195.pdf
Built in 1805 for the Merchants B. Herbert Hathorne and W. Shepard Gray

Carpenter St._7.pdf
Built as the Orphanage of the Seamen’s Orphans & Children’s Friend Society 1878

Carlton St._17.pdf
Built for Margaret Ellison Bray - Widow c. 1808

Bentley St._17.pdf
Built for George Bowditch, Jr. Salem Mason 1843

Built by Abraham Towle, carpenter c. 1864

Built in 1984 for Ernest and Phyllis Dearborn

Essex 97.PDF
Built for Captain Benjamin Bates, mariner 1761

Federal St._102.pdf
Built for George Whitefield Martin, cabinet-maker c. 1800

Federal St._106.pdf
Built for John Chandler, grocer, 1896

Federal St._112-114.pdf
Built for Col. John Page, merchant 1782

Federal St._121.pdf
Built for Captain Joseph Winn, merchant, 1843

Federal St._126.pdf
Built for Nathaniel Chamberlain, bricklayer in 1782

Federal St._135.pdf
The Captain Benjamin Carpenter House 1802

Essex St._64-68 and 70 Washington Square East (1).pdf
Built 1893 for Zina Goodell, machinist, inventor

Federal St._136.pdf
Built for Joseph G. Sprague Esq. cashier of Naumkeag Bank 1832

Essex St._53.pdf
Owned by Rebecca Silsbee, moved to this site by 1843

Essex St._398.pdf
Built in 1847 as Quaker Meeting House, probably by David Buffum, and was sold and converted into a domestic dwelling in 1869.

Essex St._39.pdf
Built for William Murray, cooper, in 1688.

Essex St._389.pdf
Built for David Kiley, liquor purveyor, in 1882.

Essex St._387.pdf
Built for Lemuel Higbee, leather manufacturer, in 1858.

Essex St._384.pdf
Built by Captain Joseph Dean in 1706; also known as the William Stearns or Stearns-Sprague House; at one time run as the East India House guesthouse.

Essex St._380.pdf
Built in 1807 for Joseph Sprague, Jr., merchant.

Essex St._377.pdf
Built for James Ford in 1764, remodeled for Nathan Gifford in 1893.

352 352 Essex Street.PDF
Built in 1875 as a double house for Arthur S. Rogers (352), treasurer of Atlantic Car Co., and Benjamin W. Russell (350), teller at Salem National Bank

1-3 North Pine House History.pdf
Double house built c. 1866 for Patrick and Ellen Hennessey who were landlords for the 4 apartments for 43 years.

English St._41.pdf
Built for Elizabeth Gray, widow of John Gray, before her death in 1806. Elizabeth Gray may have earned a living as a dressmaker or shopkeeper after her husband died of a fever at Batavia in 1802. Her son William bought the house from his brother John…
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