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160 Boston Street.pdf
Built for
John C. Burbeck
Soap and Candle Mfr.
and his wife
Clarissa McIntyre Burbeck

In lieu of a house history

5 Pleasant Street Updated.pdf
Built for Andrew J. Tibbetts
c. 1869

41 Flint Street House History.pdf
Rufus B. Gifford
Master Builder
Built circa 1869

Built by and for
James J. Welch
and his wife, Catherine
c. 1869

Essex St._175.pdf
The Downing Block was constructed in 1858. In 1869 it became the first location of the Salem Fraternity, later the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salem.

School St._14.pdf
Moved to this site by George O. Wellman, carpenter in 1869

Buffum St._31.pdf
Built for Curtis E. Wadleigh, tin-ware manufacturer in 1869
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