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22 Southwick Street.pdf
John J. Stanwood
Cigar Maker and Tobacconist,
and Emily G. Stanwood
Built circa 1851

10 Becket Street .pdf
Built by
Jonathan Brown
c. 1815

8 Upham Street House History .pdf
Built c. 1760
Moved to this spot by John H. Nichols, trader, in 1840

111 Mason Street.pdf
John Redmond
And his wife
Joanna Redmond
Built circa 1874

23 Buffum Street House History.pdf
Aaron A. Kehew
And his wife
Anna M. Buffum
and her sister Lucy E. Buffum
Built circa 1866

41 Flint Street House History.pdf
Rufus B. Gifford
Master Builder
Built circa 1869

6 Cromwell Street.pdf
George B. Phippen
Railroad Treasurer,
Boston Built 1900

Built by and for
James J. Welch
and his wife, Catherine
c. 1869

34 Broad Street Tier 1.pdf
Built for Humphrey Haley,
and Bridget Haley

81 Derby Street.pdf
The McNulty Family
Built c. 1893

10 Hathorne St.docx.pdf
Built for
Benjamin W. Sluman
Clerk and Treasurer, Salem Gas Light Co.
Built 1886

3 Woodside St..pdf
Built for
Mary J. Converse
George A. Converse
Eastern Railroad

23 Beach Avenue.pdf
Built for
Susan S. Noble
Wife of Edward H. Noble
c. 1885

1 Emerton Street.pdf
Built 1891
by Charles B. Balcomb, carpenter, and William E. Bates, mason

4 Bentley Street.pdf
Built or moved here for
Ebenezer Slocum Jr.
Before 1846

6 Daniels Street.pdf
Built c. 1784
for John Berry, mariner
and Abigail Berry, spinster

16 Summer Street.pdf
Harrison O. Flint
Shoe Dealer
and his wife
Mary A. Leighton
Built c. 1867

37 Clark Street.pdf
Mattie Simard
Harry Rodetes
Housewife and Shoeworker
Built in 1947

68 Derby Street (1).pdf
Jay Levy
and Neal Levy
Built 2012

22 Lathrop Street.pdf
Built for
Perry Collier
Real Estate Broker

27 Liberty Hill Ave.pdf
Abbie Stowers
and her husband,
John B. Wallace, Blacksmith
Built in 1897
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