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Built in 1858
by Capt. Charles Hoffman
as a cottage for his gardener,
Hugh Wilson.

Essex St._387.pdf
Built for Lemuel Higbee, leather manufacturer, in 1858.

20 Northey St., Salem HSI Report.pdf
Built for William Nichols, mariner 1838. Rebuilt c. 1885 for Asahel Quimby, railroad Engineer

Oliver St._22.pdf
Built for Lydia Griffin & Captain Nathanial Griffin, Treas. Naumkeag Steam Cotton Mills, 1858

Essex St._175.pdf
The Downing Block was constructed in 1858. In 1869 it became the first location of the Salem Fraternity, later the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salem.

Chestnut St._42.pdf
House history and plaque program for owners Andrew and Nan Greer, 42 Chestnut Street Salem, Massachusetts, November 21, 1999.
Built for Miss Maria Ropes, 1858
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