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11 Northey St.pdf
Built by,
Miles Searle, housewright
in 1808

10 Becket Street .pdf
Built by
Jonathan Brown
c. 1815

Built by James Gould, housewright 1788

Federal St._115.pdf
Built by Joseph Edwards, housewright in 1814. Stands on the site of the shop of Deacon Jacob Sanderson, cabinet-maker, built in 1793

Derby St._48.pdf
Built circa 1800 by Epes Cogswell, Housewright

Dearborn St._15.pdf
The House of Devereux Dennis a Salem "house carpenter" 1843

Crombie St._13.pdf
Built for Benjamin Crombie, housewright and innholder, circa 1805

River St._7.pdf
Built by John Chandler, housewright by 1788

River St._18.pdf
Built by Stephen Driver, housewright ca. 1777

Smith St._10.pdf
Built by Samuel D. Tilton, housewright in 1852

Summer St._49.pdf
Built by John S. Edwards, housewright in 1846
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