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17.5 River Street.pdf
Built for
Ann McMahon
of County Clare Ireland

River St._2.pdf
Built in 1799 for John Jenkins, Tailor

River St._3.pdf
Built for Benjamin Cutts, blacksmith 1845

River St._4.pdf
Built by Daniel Bancroft Jr. Housewright in 1806

River St._6.pdf
Built for William Ferguson, taylor in 1790

River St._7.pdf
Built by John Chandler, housewright by 1788

River St._15.5.pdf
Built for Joshua Beckford, shoemaker before 1780

River St._17.pdf
House of Benjamin Beckford, fisherman by 1757 possibly 17th century

River St._18.pdf
Built by Stephen Driver, housewright ca. 1777
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