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23 Grove St.pdf
Built for,
Philip Riley, trader
by 1868

11 Northey St.pdf
Built by,
Miles Searle, housewright
in 1808

Built by 1786, the store of Captain Edward Allen. Remodeled in 1831 by Richard Stickney for Joseph Waters

Built in 1854 for Captain John B. Fisk and his wife Sarah, by Messrs Gifford

17.5 River Street.pdf
Built for
Ann McMahon
of County Clare Ireland

Parker Ct._3.pdf
Built for William Parker, merchant by 1831

Phillips St._4.pdf
Built for Henry P. Hood, trader in 1840, Shop of Henry Balcomb, carpenter 1860, Altered to a dwelling house in 1868

Forrester St._7.pdf
Built for Charles L. Whipple, coal and wood dealer in 1886

River St._6.pdf
Built for William Ferguson, taylor in 1790

Williams St._18.pdf
Built by Benjamin Crombie, housewright by 1800
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