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11 Saunders Street.pdf
Built c. 1840, moved to this site in 1882
for Capt. Joseph Upton, master mariner, and Mary J. Upton

8 Upham Street House History .pdf
Built c. 1760
Moved to this spot by John H. Nichols, trader, in 1840

Phillips St._4.pdf
Built for Henry P. Hood, trader in 1840, Shop of Henry Balcomb, carpenter 1860, Altered to a dwelling house in 1868

Essex St._42.pdf
Built by A.K. Hood for Elijah Low, 1840.

Essex St._391 and 391.5.pdf
House and grocery store built for Stephen Fogg, trader, in 1826 and 1840.

Turner St._9.pdf
Built by Henry Brown, mason, and John Rinks, laborer, between 1840 and 1850

Turner St._53-55.pdf
Built as the gum copal factory for Jonathan Whipple, manufacturer, 1840. Converted to a residence c. 1870

Webb St._18.pdf
Built for Henry P. Hood, trader, by 1840
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