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29R Upham Street - Alyssa Conary.pdf
Built for
Ann M. Pepper
Wife of
John W. Pepper Jr.
Before 1875

21 Ocean Avenue.pdf.pdf
Built for Edmund P. Balcomb, carpenter, and Louisa Balcomb 1889

Ratliff - 17 Carlton Street.pdf
Built for
Margaret Ellison Bray
c. 1809
Remodeled in 1831

13 Warren.pdf
Nathaniel Saltonstall
and his wife
Caroline Saunders
Built 1836

House History for 14 Bentley Street August 2020.pdf
Built for
Frank Zebrowski
Morocco dresser
and his wife,
Annie Zebrowski
c. 1916

Full House History for 19 Becket Street, Salem MA - 7_21_2020.pdf
Built for
Thomas Ruee
and his wife
Susanna Becket

22 Hancock.pdf
Louis Alfred Ouellette
Streetcar Foreman
and his wife
Marie M Boucher
Built in 1910

55 Buffum Street House History.pdf
Curtis E. Wadleigh
Tinware Manufacturer
Built circa 1872

5 Lee Street.pdf
Built by
Minnie and Amherst Durkee
Music Store Proprietors
c. 1925
Occupied by Willard Brown Porter, 1926-1940
City Editor, The Salem News

11 Saunders Street.pdf
Built c. 1840, moved to this site in 1882
for Capt. Joseph Upton, master mariner, and Mary J. Upton

34 Linden Street.pdf
Frank A. Langmaid
Lumber Dealer
J.P. Langmaid & Sons
Built 1887

28 Briggs PDF.pdf
Charles H. Millett
and his wife
Mary J. Hart
Built 1904

155 Federal Street Chain of Title.pdf
Built for Aaron and Josiah Hayward, Bricklayers

7 Curtis Street House History.pdf
Horatio B. Perry
and his wife
Sarah Ashton
Built c. 1856

70 Webb Street House History FINAL.pdf
Built for
Edward O. Sinclair
Webb Street Neighborhood Grocery

25 Briggs Street House History.pdf
Built for
Richard Savory
Cooper and wife
Betsy Lewis

29 Broad Street House History.pdf
Built for
Ezekiel Savage,
Esquire And his children
Home of
Captain Oliver Thayer And
wife Rachel Bancroft
And remains in possession of their descendants
1839 to 2020

118 North Street House History FINAL.pdf
Built for
Joseph Baldwin
& the Misses Baldwin
Harriet B. & Caroline Baldwin
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