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25 Warren Street FINAL.pdf
Built for
Dennis Brady
c. 1870

Buildc. 1870 for John Perkins, High School Principal

Built by David N. Cook, carpenter c. 1870

Highland Ave._90.pdf
Built for John M. Anderson, manufacturer c. 1870 on the site of a house built for him in 1856

Chestnut St._46.pdf
46 Chestnut Street, Salem
Built for Mrs. Martha Luscomb Webb, 1870

Carpenter St._12.pdf
Built by Dan Farrington & William Orne, Jr. 1801 Remodeled c. 1870

Turner St._53-55.pdf
Built as the gum copal factory for Jonathan Whipple, manufacturer, 1840. Converted to a residence c. 1870

Buffum St._11.pdf
Built for Theron Palmer, boot and shoe dealer by 1870
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