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46 Washington Square House History Final (1).pdf
John Southwick, Schoolmaster
Built in 1796, partially torn down and rebuilt in 1850

9 Linden Street Final.pdf
Built by
Andrew C. Sturtevant
and his wife
Mary E. Horton

22 Winter Street Final.pdf
John Charles Howard
Ship Chandler
and his wife
Priscilla Cheever
Built c. 1850

6 Albion Street.pdf
Built by
Nathaniel Rideout
c. 1850

148 North Narrative.pdf
Built for or by
Thomas P. Honeycomb
and his wife
Mary P. Haskell
c. 1850

2.5 Essex Street House History.pdf
Built for
John Waters
Carpenter & Mariner
And wife
Mary Felt

Fowler St._19.pdf
Built for James C. Stimpson, tanner, c. 1850

Chestnut St._1.pdf
Built ca 1850 for Francis Cox Commission Merchant

Turner St._9.pdf
Built by Henry Brown, mason, and John Rinks, laborer, between 1840 and 1850
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