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74 Washington Square E.pdf
Built for
Clifford Crownshield
Samuel McIntire

89 Federal St.pdf
Built for
William Duncan, merchant
in 1833

7 Williams Street House History.pdf
Built for
Nathaniel Weston

Built 1808 for Nathan Robinson, merchant, and wife Eunice Beckford

Federal St._112-114.pdf
Built for Col. John Page, merchant 1782

Palfrey Ct._6.pdf
Probably built for John Hurley, merchant, 1873

Pleasant St._33.pdf
Built for Capt. William B. Parker, merchant in 1851

Federal St._143.pdf
Built for Joseph Sprague, merchant & distiller c. 1795

Derby St._96-98.pdf
Built for Moses Townsend, merchant
in 1805
(formerly 52 Derby St. renumbered in 1894)
birthplace of General Frederick Townsend Ward

Derby St._131.pdf
Built in 1912 for Louis Pettit, shoe merchant

Derby Sq._5-9.pdf
Built for Col. Benjamin Pickman, Jr., merchant
by Joshua Upham, mason in 1817

Columbus Sq._5.pdf
5 Columbus Square probably built for Richard Derby, Sr, Salem merchant in 1758

Chestnut St._37.pdf
37 Chestnut Street
Built for Captain George Nichols, builder
Merchant 1816-1817 by Jabez Smith, Master

Chestnut St._31.pdf
31 Chestnut Street, built for Pickering Dodge, merchant circa 1828

Chestnut St._1.pdf
Built ca 1850 for Francis Cox Commission Merchant

Carpenter St._3.pdf
Built for John Bertram, merchant, and daughter Annie Webb, landlord. 1882

Broad St._8.pdf
Built for Benjamin Cox, merchant c. 1810

Briggs St._21.pdf
Outbuilding from the Elias Hasket Derby Estate built c. 1798 Moved to this site in 1856
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