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28 Upham House History.pdf
Built by
Samuel Brown III
Merchant and Lumber Dealer
and his wife
Lucy A.W. Gardner

49 Essex Street.pdf
William P. Goodhue
and his wife Alice Very
Built c. 1841

1 Brooks Court House History-merged.pdf
Benjamin Babbidge, Merchant
Built in 1809

13 Warren.pdf
Nathaniel Saltonstall
and his wife
Caroline Saunders
Built 1836

74 Washington Square E.pdf
Built for
Clifford Crownshield
Samuel McIntire

89 Federal St.pdf
Built for
William Duncan, merchant
in 1833

7 Williams Street House History.pdf
Built for
Nathaniel Weston

Built 1808 for Nathan Robinson, merchant, and wife Eunice Beckford

Federal St._112-114.pdf
Built for Col. John Page, merchant 1782

Palfrey Ct._6.pdf
Probably built for John Hurley, merchant, 1873

Pleasant St._33.pdf
Built for Capt. William B. Parker, merchant in 1851

Kosciusko St._6.pdf
Warehouse and Barrel Shop
Thomas Downing
with cousin
Richard Downing
built by 1701

Federal St._143.pdf
Built for Joseph Sprague, merchant & distiller c. 1795

Derby St._96-98.pdf
Built for Moses Townsend, merchant
in 1805
(formerly 52 Derby St. renumbered in 1894)
birthplace of General Frederick Townsend Ward

Derby St._131.pdf
Built in 1912 for Louis Pettit, shoe merchant

Derby Sq._5-9.pdf
Built for Col. Benjamin Pickman, Jr., merchant
by Joshua Upham, mason in 1817

Columbus Sq._5.pdf
5 Columbus Square probably built for Richard Derby, Sr, Salem merchant in 1758

Chestnut St._37.pdf
37 Chestnut Street
Built for Captain George Nichols, builder
Merchant 1816-1817 by Jabez Smith, Master

Chestnut St._31.pdf
31 Chestnut Street, built for Pickering Dodge, merchant circa 1828

Chestnut St._1.pdf
Built ca 1850 for Francis Cox Commission Merchant

Carpenter St._3.pdf
Built for John Bertram, merchant, and daughter Annie Webb, landlord. 1882

Broad St._8.pdf
Built for Benjamin Cox, merchant c. 1810

Briggs St._21.pdf
Outbuilding from the Elias Hasket Derby Estate built c. 1798 Moved to this site in 1856
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