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Palfrey Ct._6.pdf
Probably built for John Hurley, merchant, 1873

Rawlins St._6.pdf
Built for James O’Connell, Shopkeeper & Currier 1868 House used as a combined residence and liquor store and saloon in 1870’s & 1880’s

Kosciusko St._6.pdf
Warehouse and Barrel Shop
Thomas Downing
with cousin
Richard Downing
built by 1701

Hardy St._6.pdf
Built for Daniel C. Bowditch, shipwright 1844

Gifford Court_6.pdf
Built for William H. Haskell, shoemaker & Civil War Veteran in 1879

Forest Ave._6.pdf
Built for Martha O. Howes, secretary, and Martha L. Roberts, lawyer

Curtis St._6.pdf
House of Henry Meek, mariner
Built circa 1800

River St._6.pdf
Built for William Ferguson, taylor in 1790

Smith St._6.pdf
Built by John Sanderson, carpenter in 1859
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