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18 Felt Street House History (1).pdf
Built for
Reuben W. Ropes
and wife
Grace Tuttle

67-69 Dearborn Street House History (1).pdf
Built for
Charles F. Ropes
and wife
Margaret L. Robertson
c. 1900

Served as the
Margaret L. Ropes Memorial House
Nurses Residence for the
North Shore Babies Hospital

86 Federal Street FINAL.pdf
Built for
Robert Peele Jr.
and his wife
Elizabeth Ropes

Derby St._97.pdf
Owner research house date unknown
Land sold from David Ropes to William Williams February 23, 1771

Derby St._101.pdf
House date unknown, but land was sold by David Ropes to William Young February 16, 1771

Chestnut St._42.pdf
House history and plaque program for owners Andrew and Nan Greer, 42 Chestnut Street Salem, Massachusetts, November 21, 1999.
Built for Miss Maria Ropes, 1858

Broad St._21.5.pdf
No plaque text provided; Built for Nathaniel Ropes in 1886.
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