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18 Felt Street House History (1).pdf
Built for
Reuben W. Ropes
and wife
Grace Tuttle

2 Pierce Avenue.pdf
Built for
Leo F. Shapley
Grocer and co-owner of Shapley & Sinclair
and his wife, Christie Reid
c. 1895

7 Chandler St.pdf
Built for
Christopher McGrane

5 Gardner St.pdf
Frank Charbonneau
Overseer of the Naumkeag Steam Cotton Co.
Built c. 1917
Originally built for Charles H. Jelly c. 1895
Destroyed in the Great Salem Fire of 1914

Gardner St._1.pdf
Built for Arthur L. Averill, Lawyer 1916. On site of house built for James W. Averill, House Painter, 1895 (burned 1914)
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