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20 English Street House History Final 2 (1).pdf
Peter Lassen, mariner
and his wife
Hannah Hitchings
Built by 1879

Home of Salem's First Black Police Officer
Robert Freeman III

13 Carlton Street.pdf
Built c. 1804
by Samuel Burrill Graves, mariner

Full House History for 19 Becket Street, Salem MA - 7_21_2020.pdf
Built for
Thomas Ruee
and his wife
Susanna Becket

8 Andrew str.pdf
Built for
Captain Samuel Masury
circa 1804

7 Becket Street House History Final.pdf
Andrew Ward, ship carpenter
and Christopher Babbidge, mariner
Built in 1799
Rear house was built between 1903 and 1906

11 Saunders Street.pdf
Built c. 1840, moved to this site in 1882
for Capt. Joseph Upton, master mariner, and Mary J. Upton

6 Daniels Street.pdf
Built c. 1784
for John Berry, mariner
and Abigail Berry, spinster

2.5 Essex Street House History.pdf
Built for
John Waters
Carpenter & Mariner
And wife
Mary Felt

Essex 97.PDF
Built for Captain Benjamin Bates, mariner 1761

Derby St._143.pdf
143 Derby Street
Built for John Nichols, Jr., mariner in the year 1836

Derby St._109.pdf
Built for Captain John McMillan, Salem mariner, circa 1800-1803

Curtis St._6.pdf
House of Henry Meek, mariner
Built circa 1800

Curtis St._5.pdf
Built for John White, mariner circa 1753

Barr St._15.pdf
Built for Captain James Smith, master mariner in 1849
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