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Built in 1854 for Captain John B. Fisk and his wife Sarah, by Messrs Gifford

1 Essex Street FINAL .pdf
Built by
James Fanning
c. 1894

1 Gedney Court FINAL.pdf
Built for the heirs of
George S. Arrington

Mall St._1.pdf
Circa 1800. Moved here from unknown location in 1906 by Francis Ann Perley

Hamilton St._1.pdf
Built for Benjamin Brown, apothecary in 1844

Gardner St._1.pdf
Built for Arthur L. Averill, Lawyer 1916. On site of house built for James W. Averill, House Painter, 1895 (burned 1914)

Daniels St. Court_1.pdf
Built by 1790
Moved to present site after 1820

Chestnut St._1.pdf
Built ca 1850 for Francis Cox Commission Merchant
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