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4 Bentley Street.pdf
Built or moved here for
Ebenezer Slocum Jr.
Before 1846

Built 1846 for Benjamin Chamberlain, jeweler

11 Warren St House History (2).pdf
Ichabod Tucker
Court Clerk
Joseph S. Cabot
Mayor of Salem
Built 1800
Moved 1846

Broad St._31.pdf
Built in 1846 for Charles M. Richardson, Purveyor of Hardware

Essex St._330.pdf
Built for Jonathan Holman, clerk, by 1846 on the site of a much earlier house taken down when this house was constructed.

Summer St._49.pdf
Built by John S. Edwards, housewright in 1846

Barton St._5.pdf
House of Thomas R. Williams, cabinetmaker, by 1805, moved to this site in 1846
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