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25 Beach Avenue FINAL.pdf
Built for
Harriet F. Perkins
Widow of
Salem City Alderman
Fitz W. Perkins

Federal St._106.pdf
Built for John Chandler, grocer, 1896

Essex St._129.pdf
Built by Samuel McIntire for Gideon Tucker, merchant, in 1808-09. Purchased in 1896 by the Father Theobald Mathew Total Abstinence Society, who remodeled it in 1910.

Rice St._16_Rear.pdf
Built for Henry B. Groves, gentleman in 1841 (moved to this site in 1896)

Summit Ave._16.pdf
Built for Lewis T. Allen, bookkeeper c. 1896

Bott's St._8.pdf
Built for Daniel Low & Co. Jewelers circa 1896
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