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101 Leach Narrative.pdf
Jules A. Gourdeau
and his wife Alice M. Bernier

Original structure built by Charles Maurais
and his wife
Sarah Beaulieu
Destroyed by the Great Fire of Salem 1914

43 Osgood Street House History.pdf
Margaret (Mahoney) Kenneally, wife of John M. Kenneally, postal clerk
Built in 1896

25 Beach Avenue FINAL.pdf
Built for
Harriet F. Perkins
Widow of
Salem City Alderman
Fitz W. Perkins

Federal St._106.pdf
Built for John Chandler, grocer, 1896

Essex St._129.pdf
Built by Samuel McIntire for Gideon Tucker, merchant, in 1808-09. Purchased in 1896 by the Father Theobald Mathew Total Abstinence Society, who remodeled it in 1910.

Rice St._16_Rear.pdf
Built for Henry B. Groves, gentleman in 1841 (moved to this site in 1896)

Summit Ave._16.pdf
Built for Lewis T. Allen, bookkeeper c. 1896

Bott's St._8.pdf
Built for Daniel Low & Co. Jewelers circa 1896
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