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2 Pierce Avenue.pdf
Built for
Leo F. Shapley
Grocer and co-owner of Shapley & Sinclair
and his wife, Christie Reid
c. 1895

7 Chandler St.pdf
Built for
Christopher McGrane

388-390 essex st.pdf
Built for
James P. Hale, lawyer
& James F. Hale, grocer
c. 1897

70 Webb Street House History FINAL.pdf
Built for
Edward O. Sinclair
Webb Street Neighborhood Grocery

Federal St._106.pdf
Built for John Chandler, grocer, 1896

Carlton St._8.pdf
Built in 1811 for Philip Kimball, grocer

Derby St._102.pdf
Moved to this site by the year 1850
Daniel S. Lawrence, grocer

Derby St._100.pdf
Site of Enoch Goodwin, grocery store in the year 1854

Daniels St._2.pdf
Built for Mrs. Elizabeth Stevenson in 1906 as the home of her son-in-law, Charles F. Brown, grocer, and his family
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