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Built for Thomas F. Little, undertaker c. 1927-1929

Built by Abiezer Washburn, Housewright 1804

Built in 1915 for Charles Blunt, plumber, and wife Elizabeth. Replaced home burned in Great Salem Fire of 1914. On original foundation from 1839 house built for Joseph Wallis, cabinet maker

John Dunckley, blacksmith, c. 1802

Upham 29.pdf
Built in 1839 - Occupied by John W. Pepper, confectioner
& Pepper heirs

Built by David N. Cook, carpenter c. 1870

Daniels 13.pdf
Built c. 1860 for John N. Frye, baker, for daughter, Matilda Frye and friend, Lucy Wright

Buildc. 1870 for John Perkins, High School Principal

12 Prince.pdf
Built c. 1916 for Joseph Gagnon, assistant engineer for Salem Fire Department, and wife, Mary

7 Ward.pdf
Built c. 1920 by Wladyslaw Matula, laborer

Built around 1826 by Deacon John Stone, distiller

Built by Abraham Towle, carpenter c. 1864

Andover_2 A.pdf
Beckford-Whipple, 1739

Built in 1905 by Boston & Maine Railroad as flagman’s shanty. Moved to this site in 1935. Reconfigured in ensuing years.

55 Buffum Street House History.pdf
Curtis E. Wadleigh
Tinware Manufacturer
Built circa 1872

22 Hancock.pdf
Louis Alfred Ouellette
Streetcar Foreman
and his wife
Marie M Boucher
Built in 1910

Dearborn St._30.pdf
Built in 1874 for Sophronia Locke. House history completed in October 1980 by Staley McDermet and Joyce King.

Derby St._96-98.pdf
Built for Moses Townsend, merchant
in 1805
(formerly 52 Derby St. renumbered in 1894)
birthplace of General Frederick Townsend Ward

Federal St._135.pdf
The Captain Benjamin Carpenter House 1802

Built in 1858
by Capt. Charles Hoffman
as a cottage for his gardener,
Hugh Wilson.

85 Derby St .pdf
Built for
Richard Palfrey
May 1789

9-11 Forest Avenue.pdf
Mary L. Walker
and her husband
Calvin F. Gibbs
Built in 1912

8 Andrew str.pdf
Built for
Captain Samuel Masury
circa 1804

8 1-2 Daniels Street House History.pdf
Built c. 1915
For Joseph Kowalski, farmer
and his wife, Julianna

7 Burnside Street House History Final.pdf
Charles P. Chase, butcher
Built in 1871

13 Warren.pdf
Nathaniel Saltonstall
and his wife
Caroline Saunders
Built 1836

Ratliff - 17 Carlton Street.pdf
Built for
Margaret Ellison Bray
c. 1809
Remodeled in 1831

4 Phelps Street House History.pdf
Kate E. Furey
Built c. 1914

6 Albion Street.pdf
Built by
Nathaniel Rideout
c. 1850

10 Bristol Street Final.pdf
Built c. 1894
David A. Roche
and his wife,
Mary Jane Garland

27 Oakland Street.pdf
Joseph R. Vesper
Piano polisher
and his wife
Laura M. Smith
Built in 1898

22 Winter Street Final.pdf
John Charles Howard
Ship Chandler
and his wife
Priscilla Cheever
Built c. 1850

5 Pleasant Street Updated.pdf
Built for Andrew J. Tibbetts
c. 1869

22 Mason Street.pdf
Built 1889
by Nathaniel Gardner Symonds, treasurer of the Salem and South Danvers Oil Company, and his wife, Harriett Fillebrown Symonds.

21 Ocean Avenue.pdf.pdf
Built for Edmund P. Balcomb, carpenter, and Louisa Balcomb 1889

25 Becket Street (1).pdf
William Peele,
and his wife
Elizabeth Becket Peele
Built c. 1810

29R Upham Street - Alyssa Conary.pdf
Built for
Ann M. Pepper
Wife of
John W. Pepper Jr.
Before 1875

9 Linden Street Final.pdf
Built by
Andrew C. Sturtevant
and his wife
Mary E. Horton

11 Summer Street.pdf
Built 1762
By William Pynchon, Gentleman, and Catherine Sewall Pynchon

46 Washington Square House History Final (1).pdf
John Southwick, Schoolmaster
Built in 1796, partially torn down and rebuilt in 1850

51 Buffum Street.pdf
Built for
George A. Bodwell
c. 1890

12 Southwick.pdf
Formerly 5 Dodge Street,
Built c. 1864
for Richard Morgan, laborer

1 Brooks Court House History-merged.pdf
Benjamin Babbidge, Merchant
Built in 1809

Copies of deeds.pdf
Samuel Buffum
And his Wife Lucretia Buffum
Built c. 1766

1-3 Ocean Terrace (1) (1).pdf
Built c. 1905
Armand Mignault,
and his wife,
Rose Alba Mathieu

160 Boston Street.pdf
Built for
John C. Burbeck
Soap and Candle Mfr.
and his wife
Clarissa McIntyre Burbeck

In lieu of a house history

HSI - HHP - 5 Harmony Narrative - 8-23 (1).pdf
Sarah Buffum Raymond
Head of the house
and her husband Alfred A. Raymond
Built before 1855

101 Leach Narrative.pdf
Jules A. Gourdeau
and his wife Alice M. Bernier

Original structure built by Charles Maurais
and his wife
Sarah Beaulieu
Destroyed by the Great Fire of Salem 1914

2 Pierce Avenue.pdf
Built for
Leo F. Shapley
Grocer and co-owner of Shapley & Sinclair
and his wife, Christie Reid
c. 1895

HSI House History_ 17 Woodside Street.pdf
Built for or by John N. Crowe
Ladder and chair salesman
c. 1911

10 Lynn Street.pdf
Built by
William Purbeck,
and his wife, Mehitable Stimpson
in 1802

13 Chandler Street Corrected Final (1).pdf
Charles B. Balcomb,
and his wife
Catherine Durgin
Built circa 1894

6 carlton.pdf
Built for
Lydia (Tufts) Albree

Build 1882 for Perrier Collier, Real Estate Broker, Mayor of Beverly

Winter St._11.pdf
Built for Ephraim Brown Jr. Registrar of Deeds 1868. Lord & Fuller Architects

4 Bentley Street.pdf
Built or moved here for
Ebenezer Slocum Jr.
Before 1846

11 Saunders Street.pdf
Built c. 1840, moved to this site in 1882
for Capt. Joseph Upton, master mariner, and Mary J. Upton

5 Lee Street.pdf
Built by
Minnie and Amherst Durkee
Music Store Proprietors
c. 1925
Occupied by Willard Brown Porter, 1926-1940
City Editor, The Salem News

Woodbury Court_4.pdf
Israel Woodbury, housewright, 1830.

Documents provided are of research conduction on house; formal house history unavailable.

Winthrop St._48.pdf
Documents provided are of research conduction on house; formal house history unavailable

Winter St._26.pdf
Built for Joseph Story, lawyer, politician & Judge of the United States Supreme Court 1811

Winter St._18.pdf
Reverend James Conway, 1848 (pastor, st. Mary’s Church)

Winter St._16.pdf
Built for Edward Payson, cashier and his wife Amelia in 1845

Winter St._8_10.pdf
Built by Israel Woodbury, housewright & James Needham, Tobacconist in 1830
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