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Webb St._18.pdf
Built for Henry P. Hood, trader, by 1840

Turner St._53-55.pdf
Built as the gum copal factory for Jonathan Whipple, manufacturer, 1840. Converted to a residence c. 1870

Turner St._9.pdf
Built by Henry Brown, mason, and John Rinks, laborer, between 1840 and 1850

Essex St._391 and 391.5.pdf
House and grocery store built for Stephen Fogg, trader, in 1826 and 1840.

Essex St._42.pdf
Built by A.K. Hood for Elijah Low, 1840.

Phillips St._4.pdf
Built for Henry P. Hood, trader in 1840, Shop of Henry Balcomb, carpenter 1860, Altered to a dwelling house in 1868

8 Upham Street House History .pdf
Built c. 1760
Moved to this spot by John H. Nichols, trader, in 1840

11 Saunders Street.pdf
Built c. 1840, moved to this site in 1882
for Capt. Joseph Upton, master mariner, and Mary J. Upton
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