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North Pine St._8.pdf
House of Nathaniel Frothingham, stove & tinware dealer by 1851

North Pine St._7-9-11-13.pdf
Built by Edward F. Danforth and Devereux Dennis Carpenters & Builders in 1868

North Pine St._4.pdf
Moved to the lot by 1851 by Nathaniel Frothingham, Jr. and James C. Stimpson

1-3 North Pine House History.pdf
Double house built c. 1866 for Patrick and Ellen Hennessey who were landlords for the 4 apartments for 43 years.

0 N Pine Packet.pdf
Documents provided are of research conduction on house; formal house history unavailable.

Built for
John & Sarah Saul
c. 1872
Extended to carriage house for
Ellen D. Looney, dressmaker,
and her husband, John, tanner
c. 1890
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