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6 Albion Street.pdf
Built by
Nathaniel Rideout
c. 1850

Summer St._49.pdf
Built by John S. Edwards, housewright in 1846

Smith St._10.pdf
Built by Samuel D. Tilton, housewright in 1852

River St._18.pdf
Built by Stephen Driver, housewright ca. 1777

River St._7.pdf
Built by John Chandler, housewright by 1788

Crombie St._13.pdf
Built for Benjamin Crombie, housewright and innholder, circa 1805

Dearborn St._15.pdf
The House of Devereux Dennis a Salem "house carpenter" 1843

Derby St._48.pdf
Built circa 1800 by Epes Cogswell, Housewright

Federal St._115.pdf
Built by Joseph Edwards, housewright in 1814. Stands on the site of the shop of Deacon Jacob Sanderson, cabinet-maker, built in 1793

10 Becket Street .pdf
Built by
Jonathan Brown
c. 1815

11 Northey St.pdf
Built by,
Miles Searle, housewright
in 1808

14 Winter Street.pdf
Built by,
Thomas Browne, housewright
in 1781

Built by James Gould, housewright 1788
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