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Essex St._53.pdf
Owned by Rebecca Silsbee, moved to this site by 1843

Essex St._64-68 and 70 Washington Square East (1).pdf
Built 1893 for Zina Goodell, machinist, inventor

Essex 97.PDF
Built for Captain Benjamin Bates, mariner 1761

Central St._4-10 and Essex St._ 193-195.pdf
Built in 1805 for the Merchants B. Herbert Hathorne and W. Shepard Gray

47 Essex Street .pdf
Built for
J. Lovett Whipple
c. 1854

386 Essex Street FINAL.pdf
Built for
Willard Goldthwaite

52 Essex St FINAL.pdf
Built for
Daniel Sage
Mariner and Merchant
c. 1800

1 Essex Street FINAL .pdf
Built by
James Fanning
c. 1894

360 Essex Street FINAL.pdf
Built for
Capt. Emery S. Johnson
Shipmaster & Merchant
Spring 1853
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