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Built 1808 for Nathan Robinson, merchant, and wife Eunice Beckford

Essex St._129.pdf
Built by Samuel McIntire for Gideon Tucker, merchant, in 1808-09. Purchased in 1896 by the Father Theobald Mathew Total Abstinence Society, who remodeled it in 1910.

Carlton St._17.pdf
Built for Margaret Ellison Bray - Widow c. 1808

Andrew St._22.pdf
Built by Loammi Coburn, master mason circa 1808

29 Broad Street House History.pdf
Built for
Ezekiel Savage,
Esquire And his children
Home of
Captain Oliver Thayer And
wife Rachel Bancroft
And remains in possession of their descendants
1839 to 2020

Essex St._98.pdf
Built for John Gray, schoolmaster, in about 1808.
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