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Daniels St._12.pdf
House history and Plaque Program for Brendan and Kimberly Randall
Likely the dwelling was built by Thomas Beedle, Sr., or Thomas Beedle, Jr. circa 1715-1745.

Gifford Court_12.pdf
Built as Seamen’s Orphan & Children’s Friend Society, c. 1887

Osgood St._12.pdf
Built for Thaddeus Gwinn, ropemaker in 1806; moved to this site in 1876

12 Pearl Street history.pdf
John A. Hay,
and his wife,
Caroline A. Ford
Built c. 1857

12 Prince.pdf
Built c. 1916 for Joseph Gagnon, assistant engineer for Salem Fire Department, and wife, Mary

12 Southwick.pdf
Formerly 5 Dodge Street,
Built c. 1864
for Richard Morgan, laborer

12 Winter Street.pdf
Built for
Thomas Hovey
c. 1785

Federal St._121.pdf
Built for Captain Joseph Winn, merchant, 1843

Essex St._125.pdf
Built for Thomas Needham, cabinetmaker, in 1830.

126 Bay View.pdf
Built for
Alfred Peabody
c. 1876

Federal St._126.pdf
Built for Nathaniel Chamberlain, bricklayer in 1782

Federal St._126.5.pdf
Mary Drayton, dressmaker, and Isaac Drayton, harnessmaker, 1885

Built by 1786, the store of Captain Edward Allen. Remodeled in 1831 by Richard Stickney for Joseph Waters

Essex St._129.pdf
Built by Samuel McIntire for Gideon Tucker, merchant, in 1808-09. Purchased in 1896 by the Father Theobald Mathew Total Abstinence Society, who remodeled it in 1910.

13.5 Meadow Street House History.pdf
Built for
Charles R. Banks, machinist, and
Mary Mccusker, wife

13 Carlton Street.pdf
Built c. 1804
by Samuel Burrill Graves, mariner

13 Chandler Street Corrected Final (1).pdf
Charles B. Balcomb,
and his wife
Catherine Durgin
Built circa 1894

Crombie St._13.pdf
Built for Benjamin Crombie, housewright and innholder, circa 1805

Daniels 13.pdf
Built c. 1860 for John N. Frye, baker, for daughter, Matilda Frye and friend, Lucy Wright

13 Glendale Street - FINAL.pdf
Built for
Jacob N. Conacher
c. 1894

13 Warren.pdf
Nathaniel Saltonstall
and his wife
Caroline Saunders
Built 1836

Holly St. 13_15.pdf
Plaque was granted after research was presented by homeowner; no formal house history on record.

13 Holly Street:
Built in 1915 for Hattie and Frank Brennan, dairy merchant

15 Holly Street:
Built in 1915 for Annie & Harry Fitch, dairy…

130 Bridge Street FINAL.pdf
Built by
Moses Hale
Home of Capt. Joseph Beadle
Master Mariner

Derby St._131.pdf
Built in 1912 for Louis Pettit, shoe merchant

Essex St._131.pdf
Built for a prominent Salem physician, Dr. Moses Little, between 1807 and his death in 1811, possibly by Samuel McIntire. Dr. Little purchased the property from Joseph and Elizabeth Peabody in 1799. He house was later inhabited by Simon Forrester's…

Federal St._135.pdf
The Captain Benjamin Carpenter House 1802

Federal St._136.pdf
Built for Joseph G. Sprague Esq. cashier of Naumkeag Bank 1832

Bridge St._137.pdf
Samuel Simonds, Painter 1837; documents provided are of research conducted on the house, formal house history unavailable

14 Beach Avenue FINAL.pdf
Built for
Abel Webster
Massachusetts State Representative
from Lawrence
Iron Founder
c. 1880

House History for 14 Bentley Street August 2020.pdf
Built for
Frank Zebrowski
Morocco dresser
and his wife,
Annie Zebrowski
c. 1916

English St._14.pdf
Built by 1807 for Joseph Webb, boatbuilder, on land purchased in 1805 from Samuel Masury. Webb sold the house to Daniel Moore, shipwright, in 1807. Moore mortgaged the property to Isaac Stilton Bullock, trader, in 1808. In 1849 Bullock sold it to…

Flint St._14.pdf
Built for James Stone, bricklayer

14 Herbert Street Final.pdf
Built for
Antonina and John Boltrukiewicz
Machine Painter

Mall St._14.pdf
Has a non-HSI plaque; Built for Peter Edgerly, truckman, 1824

Northey St._14.pdf
Built by Jeremiah Hale, housewright, for James Short, cooper in 1839

14 Pickman St.pdf
Built for
Robert Cook Jr. Salem painter
c. 1808

School St._14.pdf
Moved to this site by George O. Wellman, carpenter in 1869

Built by and for
James J. Welch
and his wife, Catherine
c. 1869

14 Winter Street.pdf
Built by,
Thomas Browne, housewright
in 1781

Derby St._143.pdf
143 Derby Street
Built for John Nichols, Jr., mariner in the year 1836

Federal St._143.pdf
Built for Joseph Sprague, merchant & distiller c. 1795

144-146 Federal Street FINAL.pdf
Built for
Capt. Thomas Whittredge
and his wife
Sarah Whittredge
c. 1802

148 North Narrative.pdf
Built for or by
Thomas P. Honeycomb
and his wife
Mary P. Haskell
c. 1850

Barr St._15.pdf
Built for Captain James Smith, master mariner in 1849

Cousins St._15.pdf
Current plaque stated as incorrect and incomplete - Jute Mill Nevins Burlap Bagging Mill, built in 1879, Polish Falcons Club 1940, Renovated as Townhouses 2004,

Dearborn St._15.pdf
The House of Devereux Dennis a Salem "house carpenter" 1843

Essex St._15.pdf
Built for Clifford Crowninshield, rope maker, in 1759, and passed to his heirs. In the late 19th century it was owned by the Salem Charitable Building Association.

Built by Abraham Towle, carpenter c. 1864

Summer St._15.pdf
Built for John P. Peabody, purveyor of ladies furnishings 1874

Warren St._15.pdf
Built for Jonathan H. Boyce, shoemaker 1850

River St._15.5.pdf
Built for Joshua Beckford, shoemaker before 1780
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