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Beach Ave._4.pdf
Built for Eliza J. Low wife of Daniel Low, Jeweler in 1883

Beach Ave._32.pdf
Built for Charles Tigh, Leather Dealer 1911 on the site of a residence built c. 1875 for Lemuel Jenness of Lowell

Washington Sq. North_25.pdf
Built in 1897 for Joseph M. Parsons, Builder

Washington Sq. North_19.pdf
Built for Abraham True, Naval Officer. Custom House in 1846 (Now the Turner Inn)

Warren St._23.pdf
Henry Lampson Reed, housewright 1838

Boston St._152.pdf
Built for Samuel Bell, Bricklayer circa 1721

Bott's Court._2.pdf
Built in 1848 for and by Aaron Kehew, Carpenter

Bott's Court._5.pdf
Built ca 1783 for James Bott, Saddler & Chaisemaker

Bott's St._8.pdf
Built for Daniel Low & Co. Jewelers circa 1896

Bridge St._102.pdf
Built 1851 for Captain William B. Bates, shipmaster

Bridge St._137.pdf
Samuel Simonds, Painter 1837; documents provided are of research conducted on the house, formal house history unavailable

Briggs St._21.pdf
Outbuilding from the Elias Hasket Derby Estate built c. 1798 Moved to this site in 1856

Broad St._2.pdf
Built for Capt. Thomas Eden, Shipmaster as a Warehouse c. 1762 Converted to a residence in 1834 for Benjamin Cox, Merchant

Broad St._21.5.pdf
No plaque text provided; Built for Nathaniel Ropes in 1886.

Broad St._8.pdf
Built for Benjamin Cox, merchant c. 1810

Buffum St._11.pdf
Built for Theron Palmer, boot and shoe dealer by 1870

Washington St._236.pdf
Documents provided are of research conduction on house; formal house history unavailable.

Warren St._17.pdf
Built by Samuel W. Cate for George Lawrence, mason in 1837

Warren St._15.pdf
Built for Jonathan H. Boyce, shoemaker 1850

Warren St._9.pdf
Built for Orrin F. Thompson, clerk 1881

Walter St._37.pdf
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred B. Brown 1870

Walter St._26.pdf
Built for Nathaniel Heard, mariner in 1849

Upham St._30.pdf
William Arrington, painter, 1841

Union St._43.pdf
Built 1769 for Joseph Hood

Union St._23.pdf
Maurice Welch, Twister, 1869

Union St._19.pdf
Alexander McCloy, Blacksmith, built by 1750, moved here for McCloy in 1839

Buffum St._34.pdf
Built by John H. Bickford, electrical engineer in 1895

Union St._7.pdf
The Heirs of William Parker, 1858

Turner St._53-55.pdf
Built as the gum copal factory for Jonathan Whipple, manufacturer, 1840. Converted to a residence c. 1870

Turner St._21.pdf
Built for John Ellison, mariner in 1779

Buffum St._31.pdf
Built for Curtis E. Wadleigh, tin-ware manufacturer in 1869

Turner St._9.pdf
Built by Henry Brown, mason, and John Rinks, laborer, between 1840 and 1850

Summit Ave._16.pdf
Built for Lewis T. Allen, bookkeeper c. 1896
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