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169 Federal St write-up FINAL (1).pdf
John Huse House
Built c. 1842
for John Huse, currier
and Lydia Dale Huse, wife

89 Federal St.pdf
Built for
William Duncan, merchant
in 1833

155 Federal Street Chain of Title.pdf
Built for Aaron and Josiah Hayward, Bricklayers

192 Federal Street FINAL.pdf
Built for
James B. Stimpson
and his wife
Mary E. Horton
in 1856

178 Federal Street FINAL.pdf
Document provided is of research conduction on house; formal house history unavailable.

Likely built
in the 18th Century
Moved to this spot for
Mary Pitman
in the 1830s

101-103 Federal Street FINAL.pdf
Built for
Ichabod Glover
Chairmaker & Mariner
by 1799

86 Federal Street FINAL.pdf
Built for
Robert Peele Jr.
and his wife
Elizabeth Ropes

144-146 Federal Street FINAL.pdf
Built for
Capt. Thomas Whittredge
and his wife
Sarah Whittredge
c. 1802

84 Federal Street with Deeds.pdf
Built for
Lois E. Mooney and Alvin J. Mooney,
Conductor of Boston & Maine Railroad

Built in 1887 for Annie Bertram Webb. Home of Edward B. Trumbull, shipmaster.

Built by James Gould, housewright 1788

Federal St._102.pdf
Built for George Whitefield Martin, cabinet-maker c. 1800

Federal St._106.pdf
Built for John Chandler, grocer, 1896

Federal St._112-114.pdf
Built for Col. John Page, merchant 1782

Federal St._121.pdf
Built for Captain Joseph Winn, merchant, 1843

Federal St._126.pdf
Built for Nathaniel Chamberlain, bricklayer in 1782

Federal St._135.pdf
The Captain Benjamin Carpenter House 1802

Federal St._136.pdf
Built for Joseph G. Sprague Esq. cashier of Naumkeag Bank 1832

Federal St._63.pdf
Built for Nathaniel Treadwell, leather manufacturer

Federal St._95-97.pdf
Built for George C. Shreve, jewelry merchant

Federal St._88.pdf
Built for Joseph Hilliard, shipmaster and carter

Federal St._78.pdf
House and shop belonging to the Sprague Brewery

Federal St._177-179.pdf
Built for William Shepard Gray, cashier of the Essex Bank

Federal St._170.pdf
Built for James Braden, currier and tanner

Federal St._143.pdf
Built for Joseph Sprague, merchant & distiller c. 1795

Federal St._126.5.pdf
Mary Drayton, dressmaker, and Isaac Drayton, harnessmaker, 1885

Federal St._115.pdf
Built by Joseph Edwards, housewright in 1814. Stands on the site of the shop of Deacon Jacob Sanderson, cabinet-maker, built in 1793

Federal St._108-110.pdf
“The Prince Mansion” built for John Orne, sailmaker ca. 1785-1793

Federal St._105.pdf
House & Shop of Edmund Johnson, cabinetmaker, before 1801
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