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84 Federal Street with Deeds.pdf
Built for
Lois E. Mooney and Alvin J. Mooney,
Conductor of Boston & Maine Railroad

Built in 1887 for Annie Bertram Webb. Home of Edward B. Trumbull, shipmaster.

Built by James Gould, housewright 1788

Federal St._102.pdf
Built for George Whitefield Martin, cabinet-maker c. 1800

Federal St._106.pdf
Built for John Chandler, grocer, 1896

Federal St._112-114.pdf
Built for Col. John Page, merchant 1782

Federal St._121.pdf
Built for Captain Joseph Winn, merchant, 1843

Federal St._126.pdf
Built for Nathaniel Chamberlain, bricklayer in 1782

Federal St._135.pdf
The Captain Benjamin Carpenter House 1802

Federal St._136.pdf
Built for Joseph G. Sprague Esq. cashier of Naumkeag Bank 1832

Federal St._63.pdf
Built for Nathaniel Treadwell, leather manufacturer

Federal St._95-97.pdf
Built for George C. Shreve, jewelry merchant

Federal St._88.pdf
Built for Joseph Hilliard, shipmaster and carter

Federal St._78.pdf
House and shop belonging to the Sprague Brewery

Federal St._177-179.pdf
Built for William Shepard Gray, cashier of the Essex Bank

Federal St._170.pdf
Built for James Braden, currier and tanner

Federal St._143.pdf
Built for Joseph Sprague, merchant & distiller c. 1795

Federal St._126.5.pdf
Mary Drayton, dressmaker, and Isaac Drayton, harnessmaker, 1885

Federal St._115.pdf
Built by Joseph Edwards, housewright in 1814. Stands on the site of the shop of Deacon Jacob Sanderson, cabinet-maker, built in 1793

Federal St._108-110.pdf
“The Prince Mansion” built for John Orne, sailmaker ca. 1785-1793

Federal St._105.pdf
House & Shop of Edmund Johnson, cabinetmaker, before 1801
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