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Summer St._10.pdf
Built for John Mascoll, Jr., gunsmith c. 1710 enlarged during the Federal period rear building incorporated after 1851

Summer St._15.pdf
Built for John P. Peabody, purveyor of ladies furnishings 1874

16 Summer Street.pdf
Harrison O. Flint
Shoe Dealer
and his wife
Mary A. Leighton
Built c. 1867

Summer St._23.pdf
Built for Benjamin Deland, truckman between 1756 and 1760

34 Summer Street FINAL.pdf
Built by
John Perkins
c. 1839

Summer St._36_38.pdf
House of John Stone, distiller, built before 1820

Or before 1831

Summer St._49.pdf
Built by John S. Edwards, housewright in 1846

69 Summer Street FINAL.pdf
Built for
George W. Fuller
and his wife
Harriet Guy Fuller
in 1914
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