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17.5 River Street.pdf
Built for
Ann McMahon
of County Clare Ireland

Built in 1787 for Robert Wallis, cabinet maker. Later was home of William Knight, Cordwainer, Joseph N. Smith, Cordwainer, Alice (Poor) Ross, widow, William Phelps Jr., joiner, and Michael Little, laborer.

River St._2.pdf
Built in 1799 for John Jenkins, Tailor

River St._3.pdf
Built for Benjamin Cutts, blacksmith 1845

River St._4.pdf
Built by Daniel Bancroft Jr. Housewright in 1806

River St._6.pdf
Built for William Ferguson, taylor in 1790

River St._7.pdf
Built by John Chandler, housewright by 1788

River St._15.5.pdf
Built for Joshua Beckford, shoemaker before 1780

River St._17.pdf
House of Benjamin Beckford, fisherman by 1757 possibly 17th century

River St._18.pdf
Built by Stephen Driver, housewright ca. 1777
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